Activate Related Searches

Related Searches is available for the Simple Search. It allows you to return not only the record immediately related to your search (i.e. the agent record for John Doe) but other records associated with that record (i.e. the Accession record for which John Doe is the Donor or the Loan record for which he is the loaner).

  1. In Specify, click the magnifying glass in the Simple Search field.


  1. In the drop down list, click the Simple Search Config option to choose it.


  1. In the Simple Search Configuration window, click the Related Searches tab.

  2. The Related Searches tab contains a list of all of the related searches that can be run. Select the desired related search and click the Activate checkbox to activate that search. Once a search has been activated, it will say (Active) next to it.

  1. When you have activated all of the searches you would like to enable, click Close.

  2. The searches will be active immediately. If you enter a search term in the simple search, you should see related records.