Sp7 WorkBench: Auto-insert Catalog Numbers

I cannot find a setting for the automatic generation of catalog numbers. I have tried a test import several times with no catalog numbers set and it always imports these as blank values instead of inserting auto-incremented values. What did I miss?

In order to auto-create catalog numbers you need to insert the format for the catalog number into the workbench field. i.e., if your catalog number is formatted as a 9-digit number you need to insert #########. I am not sure how this works with more complex formatted catalog number fields but that is the general idea.

Really? In Specify6 I could just leave these blank and check a box and it works. But I’ll give it a try.

Yes. Without the auto-catalog assignment button in Specify 7, if you leave them blank then they stay blank (which is a feature that has been requested).

Good to know… Thanks

Could this feature be mentioned in the guide? Because that is where I looked first:

Will see if we can get @Grant to add it

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I have added it in the documentation. Thank you!

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