Sp7 Data Entry: Auto-insert current Catalogued Date

This question carries on what has already been discussed about auto-inserting catalogued date and catalog number in Sp7 Workbench (Sp7 WorkBench: Auto-insert Catalog Numbers, Sp7 WorkBench: Auto-insert Cataloged Date).

When I create new CO from Data Entry menu:

  • Cataloger is auto-filled with current logged-in user;
  • Catalog Number is formatted so that it will be auto-inserting when saving the Collection Object;
  • Cataloged Date is empty and is not filled when saving the Collection Object.

Question: does Sp7.5.0 allow to auto-insert current cataloged date in data entry forms ?

Cheers, Philippe V.

Hi @pverley,

Yes! This can be achieved by adding default="today" to the cell, like so:

<cell type="field" id="12" name="catalogedDate" uitype="text" uifieldformatter="Date" default="today"/>

There are other options available for the default. This is not exclusive to the catalogedDate field, and can be used for any field using a date format.


today + 2 days
today + 14 weeks
today + 1 month
today - 1 year
today + 3000 seconds

Absolute (format should follow what is in remote refs)


This information is contained in Editing Forms in Specify 7, along with many other helpful explanations of forms in Specify 7. Hope this answers your question!

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Wonderful! Seems obvious that I should have been looking in Form edition now that you said so… :sweat_smile:

Just for the record, default="today" (and variations as suggested by @markp ) also works perfectly with PartialDateUI

<cell type="field" id="5" uitype="plugin" name="this" initialize="name=PartialDateUI;df=catalogedDate;tp=catalogedDatePrecision" default="today" uifieldformatter="Date" colspan="3"/>

Thanks! :partying_face:

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