Specify 6 Synonym Cleanup Tool

Specify has rich support for managing and visualizing taxonomic names associated with Collection Objects. A Specify collection database contains both preferred taxon names and synonyms. Synonyms in Specify 6 are stored differently from the way they were in Specify 5.

During conversion of Specify 5 databases to Specify 6, some synonyms created in Specify 5 could not be automatically positioned and displayed in the Specify 6 Taxon Tree. The Specify 6 Synonym Cleanup Tool, released with Specify 6.5, addresses that issue for Specify 5-to-6 database conversions.

The tool has no effect on collection databases created for the first time in Specify 6, or on Specify 6 databases converted from other types of legacy systems. If your collection’s data were not converted from Specify 5-to-6, the Synonym Cleanup Tool will not change or improve your Specify 6 database. If that is the case, there is no need to run it.

For sites with Specify 6 databases converted from Specify 5, read this documentation to consider the utility and outputs of the tool for your database.

Specify-6-Synonym-Cleanup-Tool.pdf (638.7 KB)