Stand-Alone Specify 6 Applications

Applications in the Specify 6 Installation Packages

Application Description
Specify Specify 6 for 64-bit Windows with 1 GB memory for Java and Specify
Specify4GB Specify 6 allocates 4 GB RAM for Java and Specify, recommended for 64-bit Windows with a minimum of 8 GB of RAM. For large databases (500K-1M records) performance and data exporting should be improved.
SpBackupRestore This is Specify’s database backup and restore tool for site administrators.
SpiReport Specify’s version of iReport for creating and editing label and report formats for printed output
SpWizard The Specify Setup Wizard creates the first new, empty, Specify collection database in MariaDB/MySQL. Additional collection databases can be added later from within Specify.
ImportFileSplitter The Import File Splitter reduces large Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files into separate files of 5,000 record rows or fewer to enable specimen or taxon data import through the Specify WorkBench.
DataExporter The Specify Data Exporter creates a flat database table based on a user’s schema mapping, and then exports that data in various formats for external caches and databases, such as an IPT, DarwinCore compliant cache or a copy for the Specify web portal.
ExpCmdLine This is a command line version of the Specify Data Exporter used for exporting collection data to an external copy or cache. This program can be used to script an automatic export of collection data to update external caches or web servers, including the Specify Web Portal an IPT server cache.