Stand-Alone Specify 6 Applications

Several stand-alone applications have been created to perform specific tasks which integrate with Specify.

Data Exporter is used to build, update and export data files for use by third parties.

Import File Splitter will spilt large MS Excel files into multiple files which contain 4000 records and can be imported into the WorkBench.

Specify Backup and Restore allows IT personnel to backup and restore a Specify database to a MySQL location on a server or local disk.

Specify Database Security Wizard verifies the IT and Master credentials, fixes Master privileges and allows a Master to be reset.

Specify iReport utilizes the power of iReport 3.0 for use with Specify queries.

Specify Setup Wizard walks you through the creation of a Specify database including the insertion of a schema within MySQL, the creation of an administrative level Specify user, and the initialization of the database structure.