Specify 7.7.3 Release Announcement


Release Announcement

Specify 7.7.3 introduces the ability to map and upload GUIDs to tree-structured data through the WorkBench in order to maintain GUIDs assigned by external authority data sources. This is useful, for example, when creating a Taxon Tree for a new database. Other changes in this update include eliminating an error when creating Funding Agents, correcting keyboard navigation from a query combo box when the subsequent form element is read-only, and resolving an issue with pick lists that prevented them from loading, when defined by a table.

Beginning with Specify 7.7.1, we have shortened our release cycle to issue minor Specify 7 updates every two weeks. These minor releases with the third number incremented (e.g. 7.7.2 to 7.7.3), may introduce smaller features but emphasize bug fixes. Releases with the second number incremented (e.g. 7.6.x to 7.7.x), will include major new features and capabilities.

Specify 7.7.3 is not compatible with Specify 6.8.0; it requires databases to be at the Specify 6.8.01 level.

7.7.3 (26 September 2022)


  • One can now upload GUIDs for tree tables though the WorkBench (#2097)
  • Specify 7 now supports customizing Collection Object formatter in Collection Relationship Plugin (#2157) - Requested by CSIRO and others


  • Pick List size limit is no longer enforced (#1025) - Requested by RBGE and others


  • Fix “Create Invite Link” having incorrect condition (#2140) - Discovered by RBGE
  • Fix list of tables pick list not working on form load (#2146)
  • Fix an error when creating Funding Agent records (#715) - Reported by CSIRO
  • Fix for focus loss when using Query Combo Box without a mouse (#2142) - Reported by RBGE

Specify Collections Consortium
Biodiversity Institute
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045, USA


The full changelog is available on GitHub.

Specify Users: see Specify Community Forum for more information, https://discourse.specifysoftware.org/, and see: https://www.specifysoftware.org/products/specify-7/

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