Specify Botany Webinar: Multiple Specimens on a Sheet

Specify Botany Webinar Series: Multiple Specimens on a Sheet

By The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh,

Dr. Elspeth Haston, Rob Cubey, and Robyn Drinkwater

In botany, a common practice historically has been to mount several different specimens on a single herbarium sheet. In addition, some large organisms will often be mounted across several sheets. In this workshop, we will present how the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh handles these kinds of specimens and then open up discussion on what other ways of managing these are being used by other herbaria.

Session 1 – March 4th at 2 am CST/8 am GMT/7 pm AEDT

Passcode: 12345

Session 2 – March 4th at 10 am CST/4 pm GMT/3 am AEDT

Passcode: 12345

That’s fantastic, looking forward to it. Will either of them be recorded?

Hi @gillian.brown,

Yes, both meetings were recorded and will be available on the forum very soon. Thank you for your interest!

Hi @gillian.brown,

Apologies for the delay. We now have the webinars available for the public!

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