Specify6 Connecting to Specify7 Database

Hello! I’m a sysadmin and relatively new in this whole specify “universum” and i have (maybe) a dumb question. But i don’t found a answer to my question. So im gratefull for some advice.

We have a Specify6 MYSQL-Database running aside on a Host and there is one person “developing” forms and “stuff” for it with Specify6 (looks that it’s easyer to develop the forms etc). The goal is to use Specify7 at the end. So we build a dockerized environement (all in one).

For now im taking the backup/dump of the specify6 Database to “initialize” the docker environement for specify7. That works without any issues. So, im just placing the dump in the folder and redeploy the docker container.

So my question: It’s some “magic” happening during the initialisation? Or could we just point Specify6 Client to the Specify7 Database and work directly with Specify6 on the Specify7 Database? Legit or “don’t do it”?

Thanks for an Advice.

Hi @dfernandez,

We have many users using both Specify 6 and Specify 7 concurrently with the same database! You can modify the docker-compose.yml file to use the existing MariaDB instance Specify 6 is using or you can point Specify 6 to use the dockerized MariaDB installation.

Specify 7 runs migrations automatically when a database is used to add the Specify 7-only tables. Apart from that, there are no other magical processes :magic_wand:. It can be used simultaneously with Specify 6. I frequently use both of them with the same database!

Let me know if you need any help getting this set up!

Hello @Specify

Thanks for the information! Exactly what i was hoping to read :slight_smile:

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