Webinar: Specify 7 Docker Setup/Overview

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If you are interested in alternative deployment options you can see all of the supported methods of installing Specify 7 here.

This repository is intended to house a collection of docker-compose recipes in different directories for deploying Specify 7 in various scenarios. The idea is that you can choose a scenario, enter the corresponding directory, make the necessary adjustments and then run docker-compose up -d to obtain a working setup.

There are currently three setups defined here:

  1. Just Specify 7 includes only the elements needed to run Specify 7 in an environment with an existing Specify 6 MySQL database server in place.
  2. All in One includes a database server and an asset server, producing a usable setup starting only with a SQL backup file from a Specify 6.8.01 system.
  3. Multiple Databases extends the Just Specify 7 example to illustrate using name based virtual hosting of two Specify databases. The example can be extended to an arbitrary number of databases.