Synonymised geography not prompting for preferred name

We have synonymised nodes in our geography tree but when these are selected as the geography on the CO form there is no prompt to keep or change to the preferred value. I was expecting this to work like synonymy in the taxon tree. I cannot see in the preferences how to turn this feature on like the check box for turning it on in the taxon tree.

Is it possible to add this prompt? If so, how do we turn it on?
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi Gillian,

Unfortunately there is not a similar feature available for the geography tree at the moment and Specify 6 will likely not receive an update to introduce that feature.

As we transition to Specify 7, I have created a feature request on our GitHub (Issue #1773) so that our developers can implement this feature going forward. I will let them know that having this ability in Specify 6 would be preferred as well :slight_smile:


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Thanks Grant.
We plan to start using Specify 7 now that the role based permissions have been implemented. So if this feature gets into 7 that would be great.