Various Tree feature requests: SP7

  • Ability to add child taxa to synonymized (non-preferred) taxa
    -A specimen may be newly cataloged that has been historically determined to a species in a genus that is no longer accepted. I can’t add that determination or that species unless I undo any synonymies at higher ranks.

  • Visual cue for preferred taxa (only when there is a synonymy relationship)
    -Non-preferred taxa are marked in red, but it would be useful if their preferred counterparts were also highlighted in some way.

  • Attachments to taxon tree items- currently not possible in Sp7
    -range map, photo or illustration, etc.

Attachments to Taxon tree items will be supported in the upcoming release 7.7 :smiley:

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Ability to add child taxa to synonymized (non-preferred) taxa

yes this is feature we also miss. If you have to enter obsolete names from old labels, you will have to undo the synonymy, add the child taxon and synonymize it, then synonymize the parent again. This is rather cumbersome.

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YES, this would apply to our collection too! (being able to connect determinations to non-preferred taxa)

I would like to be able to delete Parent Taxon nodes with all their children! The same way we can in S6. In S7, I seem to have to delete all the children (and their children) first. Not only time-consuming, but just really not feasible at all when your tree needs a lot of pruning…