Tracking determinations

I’m wondering if there is a way to track different determinations over time. For example, one person identifies an animal to genus and then years later someone identifies it to species. I know you can add multiple determinations to a single specimen, but this method is confusing because when items are queried it implies there are multiple specimens or that catalog numbers have been duplicated. Is there a way to track determinations in a table in the form?

Good morning @fergashl,

Using the determinations table, which as you note has a many-to-one relationship with a collection object is the usual way to track multiple determinations over time. Using the isCurrent and determinedDateare used to create a picture of when determinations were made chronologically, and which one represents the most “correct” or “current” determination.

When querying a record with multiple determinations, using Collection Object as the base table, the (aggregated) option can be selected in the determination table to display all determinations in a single row for a particular catalog number, along with a (current) displayed beside the determination of that list that is most current. For example, something like the below.

Catalog Number → Any
Determinations → Aggregated


Catalog Number Determinations
0123456 Vulpes vulpes (current), Turdus migratorius

Would this help? Without the aggregated option being selected, you are correct there will be multiple rows with the same catalog number.

That helps a lot, thank you!