Unable to download Taxonomy definitions file or Pre-load taxon


I’m configuring my first database is Sp6 and I cannot click Pre-load Taxon records, no matter what discipline I choose.

I first got the error message: Unable to download Taxonomy definitions file but it was solved by disconnecting my VPN.

Thank you.

Hi @Amelie,

I just created a new database and pre-loaded the Botany taxonomy data from Catalog of Life 2021 (same as your screenshot) using the Specify Wizard and all went as expected.

It looks like your network could be interfering with the process as you mentioned.
I have not seen this particular issue before, but that would be my suspicion as well.

Have you tried running the wizard on another system (one not on the same network)?

Yes… it seems to be our secure federal network that was blocking things. We will have to find work arounds on our side.