Update from 6.8 to 6.8.01 with Deaccession Records

For databases that contain Deaccession data that are trying to update to 6.8.01, this error can commonly occur:

Database Schema Update Error

The database schema cannot be updated because it contains deaccession data. Please contact Specify customer support.

Due to the rework of how deaccession data is handled in Specify 6.8.01, all existing deaccession records must be exported from the database before the update occurs.

If you are familiar with querying the database in SQL, you can start by checking what data is present in the deaccessionAgent ,deaccessionPreparation, and deaccession tables. That data will need to be exported before the update occurs!

After the data is properly exported, it must be removed from the database before the update can proceed.

If you are unfamiliar, members can send Specify a SQL dump of the database and we can do the upgrade for you!

  1. After export, how do we remove these records from the database?
  2. How do these records get imported back into the database after the update has occurred?

You need to remove all of the records from the deaccessionAgent ,deaccessionPreparation, and deaccession tables.

Once you have updated, we recommend manually entering them using Specify 6.