Updating from Specify 6.8.00 to 6.8.02

Updating from 6.8.00 to 6.8.02

If you are updating from Specify 6.8.00 to 6.8.02, it is important to update to Specify 6.8.01 inbetween.

Previous releases of Specify 6 are available here

Users remotely accessing the database only need to update to the most recent release and can skip the intermediary steps.

Exporting Deaccession Records

If you have existing Deaccession records, you will need to export them and remove them from the database before updating to 6.8.01.

Common Update Error when skipping 6.8.01

update error: alter table database.deaccession change column Text1 Text1 text, change column Text2 Text2 text

This error can occur if you attempt to update from Specify 6.8.00 to 6.8.02 without updating to Specify 6.8.01 beforehand. You will need to download Specify 6.8.01 and update before you can install 6.8.02.

If you’re still having issues, you run this script on the database to drop and replace the deaccession tables in Specify 6.8.00 so that the update can run as expected. Make sure to export all data from these tables before running this script to prevent data loss.

Updating Specify 7

If you are using Specify 7, it will need to be configured to use the updated schema release before you can continue.