View Specify Audit Logs

Managers of a Specify database can enable auditing in their database to audit user behaviors.

Step 1: First, open the Specify Preferences by navigating to Edit → Preferences in the menu bar.

Make sure to check Enable Auditing. This will begin cataloging user actions in the database.

You can choose to preserve field value changes as well by checking Audit Field Value Changes.

Set the number of months to save audits, then click OK to finalize these changes.

Step 2: Navigate to the Query builder on the navbar.

Right-click on the Query sidebar and click Configure Query Creators.

Step 3: Click the + and check the Sp Audit Log, then click OK.

Step 4: Click on the Sp Audit Log in the sidebar to create an audit log query.

Now you will be presented with all the fields within the Sp Audit Log table.

Action shows the action made by the agent.

Created By Agent allows you to add any agent field to the query.

Fields contains the Field Name, the New Value, and Old Value.
Parent Record Id shows the table’s parent ID.

Record Id shows the table’s ID.

Record Version shows the record version (0 = never edited, 1 = 1

Table Num is the table name in the database (Taxon, Determination, etc.)

Timestamp Created is the time the action was done.

Step 5: Create your query! You can search by any part of the agent table to add more granularity.

Here is an example output: (Agent obscured)

image Now you can create a record set, print, or export an Excel file of the data.