Specify 7.9.6 Release Announcement


Release Announcement (9 July 2024)

  • Fixes an issue that led to tree definition item separators being trimmed (#5076)
  • The form system now includes a whiteSpaceSensitive attribute, which allows any field to preserve whitespace upon saving

7.9.6 (1 July 2024)


  • Added a tree rank editor to add, edit, and remove tree ranks (#4257Requested by University of Kansas, The University of Michigan, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Natural Resources Canada, College of Idaho, New Mexico State Herbarium, and many others)
  • Extended record merging to several new tables (#4606Requested by Calvert Marine Museum, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, and many more)
    • Locality
    • Paleo Context
    • Collecting Event
  • Added a new tool to bulk update Locality and Geo Coord Details records that were georeferenced in external applications such as CoGe (#4548Requested by Specify users in the DigIn TCN, formalized by Dean Pentcheff and Nelson Rios)
  • Added a new tool to bulk move preparations from one storage location to another (#4682Requested by University of Kansas)
  • Added Deaccessions to the Interactions list (#4806)
  • The name of the accepted node will now show when hovering over a synonymized node (#4704Requested by University of Kansas)
  • Table aggregations can now be chosen explicitly in the Query Builder (#4646)
  • Calculated fields for the total number of preparations and total items in Exchange Outs, Disposals, Gifts, and Deaccessions have been added (#4824Requested by Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Pioneer Trails Regional Museum, The University of Michigan, and Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona)
  • Added support for the ‘Group Number’ field in Taxon queries (#4724Requested by the Florida Museum of Natural History and others)
  • Added validation to the Locality form to prevent users from saving invalid latitude and longitude values (#4939)


  • ‘Timestamp Modified’ and ‘Timestamp Created’ field values can now be overridden when uploading data in the WorkBench (#4618Requested by New Mexico State Herbarium)
  • Users can no longer save a Collection Object with a determination without a current determination (#4901)
  • GeoMap in the WorkBench now displays only the selected rows when a row is selected, or all rows when no row is selected (#4943)
  • Changed ‘Transactions’ dialog header to ‘Interactions’ and refactored dialog with new icons (#4474)
  • The separator used in query results is now a hyphen (-) character instead of a dot (·) character. This change prevents encoding issues when opening query results directly in Excel (#4678Requested by South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity)
  • When granting the Specify 6 “Admin” permission, access to all collections will now be granted by default (#4652)
  • Changed unavailable preparations wording to be more clear (#4890)
  • Added a view button by default to parent query combo boxes (#4903)
  • Removed the “Clone” option from certain app resources that are identified by name alone (#4902)
  • A warning will now appear when deleting a category on the Statistics page (#3732)
  • The ‘Without Preparations’ and ‘Add Unassociated Item’ buttons have been moved to the left of the “Add Items” dialog (#4577)


  • Exchange Out ‘Add Items’ dialog is now triggered when adding Exchange Out Preps from the form (#4805)
  • Fixed an issue where some subviews would not expand when new records are added (#4899)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some agent merges from completing successfully (#4699)
  • Fixed an issue preventing suggested mappings from being selected in the WorkBench (#4926)
  • Disabled the ‘Save’ and ‘Delete’ buttons when editing forms, table formats, and table aggregation (#4891)
  • Fixed an issue that would show an error when attempting to add children to a synonymized node (#4874)
  • Fixed the condition="always" attribute being unrecognized when defining conditional forms (#4879)
  • When updating the RSS feed, notifications will now be sent to the user specified in the ExportFeed app resource in addition to the current user (#4956)
  • The new record set and gallery icons now only appear within a record set containing records from the same table (#4904)

The full changelog is available on GitHub

For source code go to the GitHub Specify 7 repository

For more information about Specify 7, or about this release, see Specify 7 | Specify Collections Consortium, or email support@specifysoftware.org.