Web Portal Configuration Instructions

This is supplementory to the Web Portal documentation available on GitHub.

This includes details on how to modify two important files that affect the display and configuration of the Web Portal.

Configuration Instructions


This file is located in PortalApp/resources/config/ and it contains information about the fields selected for the portal. Each field has the following settings:

colname: The name of the column in the specify cache.

solrname: The name of the column in the solr index.

solrtype: the solr data type. DO NOT EDIT!

solrtitle: DO NOT EDIT!

title: The title for the field displayed in column headers, forms etc. Optional

type: the data type. DO NOT EDIT!

width: the length of text flds. DO NOT EDIT!

concept: the name of the concept the field is mapped to. Optional

concepturl: the concept’s url. Optional

sptable: the name of the field’s table in the specify db. DO NOT EDIT!

sptabletitle: the sptable’s title.

spfld: the name of the field in the specify database, DO NOT EDIT!

spfldtitle: the spfld’s title.

spdescription: the spfld’s description.

colidx: the position of the field in the specify cache. DO NOT EDIT!

advancedsearch: If this setting is true the field will be available in the advanced-search interface. (boolean, default: true) Optional

displaycolidx: the default initial position of the field in the results display table, and the detail form view.

displaywidth: the default initial width in pixels of the field in the results display table. (default`: 100) Optional

hiddenbydefault: If this setting is true then the field will not be initially displayed in the results view, though it can be made visible by clicking on a column header in the results view and choosing ‘Columns’. type: 'boolean', default: false Optional

treeid: For geographic or taxonomic data, this field holds the name of the tree. DO NOT EDIT!

treerank: For geography or taxonomic data, this field holds the numeric rank of the field. DO NOT EDIT!


This file is located in PortalApp/resources/config/ and it contains settings configure the urls, images, and layout of the web portal.

portalInstance: This uniquely identifies the instance of the portal. DO NOT EDIT!

solrURL: The url of the solr server.

solrPort: The port the solr server is using.

solrPageSize: The default initial results page size returned from solr.

maxSolrPageSize: The highest page size allowable in the portal. Settings above 5000 can lead to very poor performance.

imageBaseUrl: The url of the image server.

imagePreviewSize: The height and width of the (square) images displayed in Image preview views. Default`: 200 (In the file resources/css/thumb-view.css, the height and width for *.tv-thumb should be set to about 7 px greater than this setting).

imageViewSize: The height and width of images in image view windows. Default`: 500 (Set to -1 for actual size).

backgroundURL: The url for the background image displayed for the app’s entry screen. Default`: resources/images/specify128.png

bannerURL: The url for the image displayed in upper left corner of the portal window.

bannerTitle: The title displayed above the banner image.

bannerHeight: the height of the banner image.

bannerWidth: the width of the banner image.

imageInfoFlds: the solrnames of the fields that are displayed when the mouse is moved over images in preview views. The fields are separated by spaces. In the portal they are displayed on separate lines (one field to a line) ordered from top to bottom in the order listed.

defMapType: default map view type. One Of`: ‘roadmap’, ‘satellite’, ‘hybrid’, ‘terrain’

defInitialView: default initial view of new search results. One of`: ‘grid’, ‘image’, ‘map’

topBranding: html for region above main portal view.

topMarginRight: for top region.

topMarginLeft: for top region.

topHeight: for top region.

topWidth: for top region.

bottomBranding: html for region below main portal view.

bottomMarginRight: for bottom region.

bottomMarginLeft: for bottom region.

bottomHeight: for bottom region.

bottomWidth: for bottom region.