Workbench match behaviour lacking

When using Workbench in Specify6, I recall it was possible to set the match behaviour to, say, always “pick first” as to take the first entry of a range of possible matches. In Specify7, I no longer see that option leading to a lot of extra manual labour, because now you need to manually disambiguate numerous entries.

Did I miss something?

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Hi @fedoras,

At this time, there is no way to set matching behavior to pick the first entry in a list of matches despite its usefulness.

We have created branches of Specify 7 in the past to arbitrarily match to a returned agent, which you can see below:

This branch modifies the Workbench uploader to choose an arbitrary agent when multiple agents are matched. The modification is just hardwired in with no control flag or anything. This was for experimental purposes.

You could create a branch of Specify 7 with this change made for the desired table you want to match on if this is the behavior you need. This is experimental, so we do not recommend using this in production as it applies globally.

To properly implement your request, I have created a new issue:

Thank you for your report!

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