Add a Division, Discipline, or Collection

Specify allows each database to have only one institution, but each institution may have multiple divisions, disciplines, or collections. By default, Specify creates one of each level through the Specify Wizard. To see the difference between these levels and decide which you want to add, please reference the document titled Specify 6 Model for Institutional Organization found on our website at: Once you have decided which level to which you would like to add, follow the steps below.

  1. In Specify, go to System in the menu bar at the top of the screen and select System Setup then Configuration from the drop down menu that appears.

  1. In the Configuration screen, select the level higher than the one you would like to add.

a. If you are adding a Division, click Institution
b. If you are adding a Discipline, click Division
c. If you are adding a Collection, click Discipline

Note: If you add anything above a collection, one of each of the lower levels will be added as well. For example, if you add a Division, you will also be creating a new discipline and collection at the same time. If you add a new discipline, you will also be creating a new collection.

  1. Information about the level you clicked will appear upon clicking as well as a list of the level below it. For example, if you clicked Discipline, all the collections in that discipline will be listed alphabetically (you will have to scroll through them).

Note: if you have more than one of the level clicked on (for example, more than one discipline) you may have to scroll through them to get to the one to which you want to add another subordinate.

  1. Click the green plus sign next to the level you want to add. The example below shows adding a collection:

  1. Once you have clicked the green plus, the Specify Wizard will appear to create the new Discipline/Division/Collection.

  1. Once the Wizard is completed, a pop up will appear saying that Specify must close. Click OK.

  1. When you log into Specify again, the new Division/Discipline/Collection will be there.