Adding Paleo Context to Locality Form

I’d like to add paleo context to my locality form. Can I add it as a querycbx or a subview?

Hi @fergashl,

You can add Paleo Context as either a query combo box or a subview depending on the configuration in your database.

To find the configuration in your database, you need to run a SQL query. Since your database is on the Specify Cloud, I can do this for you!

I need to run this query to find the current configuration:

select Name, IsPaleoContextEmbedded, PaleoContextChildTable from discipline WHERE Name = 'Paleontology';

The results of that query shows me this:

Name IsPaleoContextEmbedded PaleoContextChildTable
Paleontology 1 collectionobject

This tells me the following:

  • Paleo Context is currently “scoped” to the Collection Object, not Locality.
  • Paleo Context is currently “embedded”, which means each Collection Object must have a unique Paleo Context (they cannot be shared between objects)

I can update your database to change both of these settings. We can change the Paleo Context level to be ‘Locality’ and we can make it so that you can share a single Paleo Context record between multiple Locality records.

You can learn more about the differences between “Embedded” and “Shared” Paleo Contexts in this doc:

Just let me know what configuration you’d like (embedded or shared)!
Once I make the changes in the database, you can add it to the appropriate form using the appropriate view!

Thank you!

I think having it tied to the locality form and shared between objects makes more sense for our collection. If that could be changed that would be great, thanks!

Hi @fergashl,

I’ve configured your discipline (Paleontology) to have Paleo Context linked to your Locality records and they can now be shared between multiple localities!

Let me know if you have any questions!