Paleo Context "Formatter not defined"


I’ve been having some issues with the Paleo Context query combo box for our Fossil Plant collection. When I type in a Formation name it pops up with I am not sure what this is referring to. Also, when trying to fill in the Context Name field, it just says “Paleo Context # XX” rather than saying the name, formation, and Era. What do I need to do to fix this?


Hi @fergashl,

If there is not a table format defined for “Paleo Context” in the discipline, Specify will default to identifying it as “Paleo Context #{Record ID}” as you’ve seen in the app.

To solve this, I’ve added the table format for Paleo Context to your DataObjFormatters file in the appropriate location. This will appear as “Context Name, Chronostrat Full Name, Lithostrat Full Name” in the query combo box and search results.

        <switch single="true">
                <field sep=", " >chronosStrat.fullName</field>
                <field sep=", " >lithoStrat.fullName</field>

You will see this fix take effect once you clear your cache or log out and log back in!