Attachment icon and form views in Specify 7

There is a difference between the display of an image attachment in Specify 6 and Specify 7, even though they are sharing the same xml views:

Is it possible to display the icon view in Specify 7? If not, how can the Attachment form be configured to choose the fields to display and their layout?

Hi @sorovi,

Thank you for your post!

Specify 7 does not yet support the “icon” view type (Issue #2432) and I have added you to our list of requestors.

To approximate this, you can modify the form to show the attachments as a form table, but it would be a vertical list:

Embedded in the form:

In a button dialog:

To modify the fields you see next to the image in Specify 7, you need to modify the Attachment form definition in the form definition XML. It looks like you have already customized this in your database!

Thanks for the reply and for adding the feature request.
I did try to modify the ObjectAttachment and CollectionObjectAttachment view definitions, which I copied from global.views into my fish.views, but I did not like much the result. I will try your suggestion of a form table in a button dialog.