Attachments icon record set

Hi. I just noticed the little attachment icon at the top of the Collection Object form, next to the Specify network icons. It seems to open the attachments of the record set in a new navigable screen. If that is what it does, cool! This is great!!

However, I tried this functionality with a record set that has over 2000 attachments and it is showing only 40:

Why may that be?


Hi @sorosoro,

I think you may have found a bug caused by incomplete loading of attachments. Specify loads items in groups of 40 traditionally in query results, and this limitation may be preventing Specify from fetching all available attachments in the record set.

I was able to recreate a similar issue and I wrote up the issue on GitHub:

When you move to later items in the record set, are more attachments loaded?

Thank you!

Hi, and thanks for the reply.

No, the number of attachments remains the same, and clicking on the navigation arrow of the last item closes the attachment window and goes back to the thumbnails in the viewer.

But today I am getting stranger results. The number of attachments loaded in the attachment viewer changes with the query. It loads mostly 80, but also loaded 120, 360 and 442 attachments. The number loaded seems to somehow depend on the query but it’s not related to the total number of attachments retrieved in the query.

Let me know if you would like to see screenshots of what I am describing.

Our team is currently working on identifying the issue. Thank you for providing additional details!