Bulk Download Attachments from a Query Result or Record Set

It would be useful to be able to view and download Attachments from query results and record sets. Currently, Specify 7 supports viewing attachments as thumbnails within record sets.

If you open a record set in S7, you can view all attachments associated with the records in the set from the attachments icon in the top bar, just left of the Specify Network icon. From there, you can open individual attachments in another popup window.

Ideally, an option could be added to download all attachments.

Downloading and sharing attachments can be a useful way to respond to information requests. Clicking through to each individual attachment to download them is tedious, especially for larger requests.

Thanks for considering this potential improvement!

Hi @gholman,

We have an open issue looking to address this, and other users have asked for the same feature in the past! @HeatherC mentioned this ability to us last July and I think it would be an excellent feature to add.

Thank you for providing instructions on how users can view all attachments in a given dataset using the :attachments_: (Attachments) icon within a record set.

I’ve added you as a requestor and linked back to this post. If other users are interested in the same capability, please leave a reply here so we can add you as well!

This would be a great feature for us as well.

Hi. This would be very useful.