Attachments Preferences

Attachments Attachments Preferences

  • For Mac: Choose Specify > Preferences > Attachments.
  • For Windows and Linux: Choose Edit > Preferences > Attachments.

attachments pref

Attachments Preference


Use Attachment Path - Check this box when storing attachments on a local drive or using a shared attachment repository on a network drive.

File Path - Attachments will be copied, renamed and stored in this location. Only the path to the attachments is stored in the Specify database. The Specify Setup Wizard sets a default storage location on the local drive. This does not allow attachments to be shared or viewed by other users on other workstations. To allow attachments to be shared it is recommended that this storage area (attachment repository) be on a shared network drive that all users have been given Read/Write/Delete permissions to use. Once the storage location has been created on the network drive all users must change the Attachment Storage Location path in their system preferences. (Enter the path for an attachment repository or click the browse button and use the file system dialog to build the path.)

Note: Specify creates a default storage directory named 'originals' for the attachment, and a directory named 'thumbnails' for the thumbnail files it creates.

Use Attachment Web Services - Check this box when using an Attachment Server for storing attachments.

URL - type in the URL string that indicates the location of the XML file containing the URL templates for interacting with the Attachment Web Server (AWS) for performing all the necessary I/O functions. This URL should come from your IT administrator. For more information regarding the Specify Attachment Server please visit the Specify Collections Consortium website:

Key - the key is created by the IT personnel when the attachment server is configured.