How to Set the Attachment Path by Database

By default, the attachment path is set per machine. Each machine has an attachment path stored in the Specify files. However, if you are opening multiple databases, with different attachment directories from the same computer, you will have to change the settings to allow different paths to be accessed. If all of the databases accessed from a machine use the same attachment server, you do not have to make this change.

Note: This will make the path the same for all computers accessing the database. The attachment directory must be on a drive that is mounted to the same drive for all of the computers accessing the attachments. If it is not, the computer will not be able to access the attachments.

  1. In Specify, go to Help → About.

  1. In the About window, double click the name of your Division. In this example, you would double click “m”.

  1. In the Global Prefs window, click Add Property.

  2. Enter the term “USE_GLOBAL_PREFS” exactly as it is here in the Property field. In the Value field, enter “true”.

  3. Look for the value “attachment.path”. If it is not there, add it. In the Value field, enter the path to the attachment directory for this database.

  4. Look for the value “attachment.use_path”. If it is not there, add it. In the Value field, enter “true”. Then, click in another field to save the value.

  1. Restart Specify.

The attachment path will be set for any computer accessing that database. The same process will have to be repeated for every database (not computer accessing a database).