Authors of taxon names in SP7?

in SP 7: how can select that taxon authors are shown in the full name?

Depends on where you are wanting these to show - in the taxon field on the form, in the tree or in reports. each has a different strategy and some are possible in Specify 7 and some not (currently)

on the forms as well in the tree, this is essential for taxonomists

It is possible to add them to the forms by formatting your full name string in the table formatter for the taxon table but it is currently not possible to add them to the trees. You can do it in Specify 6 and it is a feature that we hope to port over to Specify 7 but not sure when. You can also add them to reports in much the same way.

Hi @Schuchert,

For future reference, the feature request is on GitHub here:

I have added you to the list of requestors!

many thanks, it is really important for museums with old collections, there are quite often species names differing only in the authority

Being able to display authors in trees is something that we would love to have too!