Genus 'hidden' in taxon searches


I have been coming across this issue, when trying to ‘add’ a taxon node. Both via a collection object form, and via the taxon-node form.

When I search for the genus, it just isn’t there. I think it should be the first default value in the drop-down search result, but I can’t see it there at all. In this case, here is the top of the list:

Here is the bottom:

And as far as I can tell, I have to an advanced search to ‘see and select’ it.

I don’t ‘think’ it behaves this way ALL the time, but I have definitely observed it several times, but haven’t noted a pattern.


ps. I have tried with/without space at the end, but wait a sec! I tried not completing the word and here it is! I think if I had a space at the end, it didn’t work?
It seems that the sort is mixing author-names and taxon names? Not sure the logic here, but I think is most effective to have the genus result at the top, not sorted by author.

@HeatherC I do not have author information in my tree and do not see this issue so would assume that it has something to do with that. I do agree that this list should sort by taxon rank and then alphabetically.

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It wouldn’t be SO bad if Linnaeus actually named everything, but for some genera, even scrolling to ‘L.’ takes a while.

I hope that this can be tweaked to display the genus node/taxon at the top of the list. Or actually, whatever the highest rank of your search term. So if you were typing ‘Aste…’, the first result would be Asteraceae, then Aster, then Aster … species, regardless of whether any of the taxa have author included.

From my perspective, no real requirement to have the author field included in the sort, and including them in a search means you get no result at all…


We find that the genus is consistently alphabetical in where it occurs in the results, as Andy says I think that this is caused by the authors being included in the names displayed.

It would be fantastic if the results were sorted by rank as suggested above - it is often difficult to find the genus without having to look up who the author is first.

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