Beginner installing cloud-only vertebrate paleontology database

I am facing the task of installing our vertebrate paleontology database on the Specify Cloud server without a local installation. The documentation seems to imply that this is possible. I am going to need a significant amount of help setting up the database and converting data. Whom should I contact?

Hi Micheal,

Please note that I am not a member of the Specify team, and am providing the below based on my experience, not as a official guidance.

If you are being tasked with hosting the database on the Specify Cloud (i.e. the one managed by the developers at the consortium), then you would contact the consortium for membership/pricing at They would then be able to help you through setup and do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. It appears like you are already a member of the consortium, so it would likely be about cloud specific details, which are outlined here.

If instead, you are tasked with self-hosting the software (i.e. running a server managed by yourself), then you can look to the instructions found in the docker compose private repository, which you should have access to as a member of the consortium. To gain access, you can contact, and provide your GitHub username and member institution. You may already have access to many of the posts on this forum around that docker setup, there have been some webcasts, videos, tutorials etc about it. For example: Install Specify 7 with Docker

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