Carry forward "Collection Object Citation" not available?

We are using Specify 6 and often use the carry forward function. It works well, except for Collection Object Citation which s not selectable in “configure carry forward” and not duplicated when selecting all items.
What could be the reason ?

Hi @Schuchert,

I was able to recreate the issue you are having as well. I have forwarded the details of the issue to a member of our team to investigate for you.

I have opened an issue on the Specify 6 GitHub repository as well– Issue #1179. Once we have investigated the cause, we will let you know if we have a solution for your issue!

It may be that there is another problem with Collection Object Citation: I was able to delete records of Reference Works that were used in CO citations
(Specify 6)

Hi @Schuchert,

After doing some research on this issue, we have discovered that the CollectionObjectCitation relationship does not support Carry Forward at this time in Specify 6.

This is currently available in Specify 7 and we are looking into solutions in Specify 6.