Carry forward in Sp7

It’s probably not the most indispensible, but some data-entry folks find the carry forward feature usefull. Is it in the drawing table for a future Specify 7 release, or is there an alternative in Specify 7 to do something similar to Specify 6’s carry forward?

@igranzow I am not familiar with this feature yet. Would you mind sharing an example of it for those of us that do not know what this is please?

Hi @mcruz.
" Specify 6 allows values in specific fields to be copied from the current record into new records using Carry Forward .", as described in the Sp6 documentation Using Forms.
After entering a record/coll. object, you can repeat the data from certain fields (the user can define which ones, including those for Determination, Locality, Preparation, Accession Nr.) when starting a new record. My question was whether Specify 7 has a similar functionality.

Thanks for the detailed response! I think this is a great question to get answered.

@igranzow Specify 7 does currently have carry forward. If you click Save and New at the bottom of the form it automatically carries forward all data to the next record. What we do not have is the ability to configure carry forward. Not sure where that is in our plans moving forward but we will certainly add it to the list.

Of course. Thanks @bentley. I was trying to replicate a record from a query result or an existing Record Set, where ther’e no Save and Add Another button at the bottom of those forms. But what you point out for replicating a new record is useful enough. Thanks again.

The next release would have an “Add Another” button on all forms, even on forms for saved records