Chrono- and Litho-stratigraphy trees not accessible

Hi. In my invertebrates collection I included the Paleo Context in the Collection Object form, embedded (PaleoContextChildTable=‘collectionobject’ and
IsPaleoContextEmbedded=1). However, when I click on the Tree menu item only the Geography, Taxon and Storage trees are available to choose from, neither the Chronostratigraphy nor the Lithostratigraphy trees are listed. What am I missing?

The stratigraphy trees, Chronostratigraphy and Lithostratigraphy, are only available to collections created in one of the paleo disciplines, Invertebrate Paleo and Vertebrate Paleo. The stratigraphy trees are not displayed for other collections. More significantly, they are not created in the first place for other disciplines. So, there isn’t a way to switch an existing discipline to a paleo discipline and start using the trees. You will have to create a paleo discipline in order to interact with those trees.

Thanks @SpecifyMembership, that makes sense. I did not think I would need the Paleo Context for other than the Paleo collections, but, surprisingly, there are some fossil shells in the invertebrates collection. I will find another way to handle that information.