Confusing management of user access to collections

Whereas I love the new edition of Specify7 and user management appearing to be really powerful now, I’m stuck waddling about a simple task: Adding an existing user to another collection.

For instance: I have a user, Tom Schiøtte, which has been connected to the “Invertebrate Zoology” collection in Specify for a very long time. This user needs to be added to a newly created collection called “Exhibitions”. So I log on with my admin access and head to the Security and Accounts section.

First I try to look up the user at the institution level. His username is “schioette”. I then select the collection “NHMD Exhibitions” from the dropdownlist and tick off “Enable Collection Access” and “Full Access - Legacy” (He’s marked “Collection Admin” for InvZool).

Assuming an agent needs to be assigned to this user for this particular collection/discipline, I also add that, believing all should be OK then.


I move down to hit “Save”:


But then, for some reason, Specify7 demands that I also set agents for all other collections, even though these are not relevant at all.

Why is that???

Hi @fedoras,

If that user is set as a Specify 6 Admin, that automatically grants collection access to all Specify collections for that application.

To achieve a similar effect, you can remove the Admin status in Specify 6 permissions, you can set the collection individually and change the User Group to “Manager”.

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That is not the case, unfortunately.

Hi @fedoras,

Is it the case that you established collection access for this user under the Institution header?

This could also give collection accesss to all collections.

Yes. How would we go about changing that, so access is restricted to the collections relevant for this person?

By checking the Collection Access checkbox under the Collection heading individually you will not need to grant collection access at the Institution level.