Database on networked server

I’m running a MariaDB database on a networked server, and Specify 6 on my machine.
It works fine, execpt queries with 1000+ results of are incredibly slow.
Is there a tweak to make this go faster?

Hi @Janus,

Could you share more information about the version of Specify you are using along with screenshots of the query you are having performance issues with?

Server: Windowsx64, 32GB Ram
MariaDB v10.11.2

Workstation: Windowsx64 32GB Ram

I have had both DB and Specify running on my workstation and there is no great delay. Of course larger queries can take a second or two, but generally opening things also runs slower over the network.

Queries seem to run fast (0.13 seconds for the attached screenshot), but loading the result display (208 rows and 17 columns from the same Table) took 1 minute 18 seconds.

Also opening Data Sets takes a long time.

I’ve tried the speed between the server the Database runs on and my workstation. It transfers a 129 MB file in a minute 12 seconds.

Hi @Janus,

Using Specify 6 over a network can introduce a performance loss over using it with a local database. This is impacted by a number of factors, including the performance of the machine hosting the database, the network, and how busy the database is.

Some queries are more intensive on the server, particularly when running a query on a tree such as the Taxon tree in your screenshot.

We recommend that users have the Specify database server on the same network as the computers that access it. A major advantage of Specify 7 is that it can be hosted on the same server or network as the database leading to significantly improved performance in comparison to remotely accessing a database using Specify 6.

You may need to work with your IT department to find ways of improving network performance for use with Specify. At its core, Specify sends data to and receives data from the MySQL database server. Speed and performance is largely dictated by the proximity, network, and performance of the server it is connected to.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to go more in-depth into potential solutions! We are happy to assist you or your IT department in setting up Specify 7!

I guess I’ll have to set up Specify 7. Does it run on windows?

Hi @Janus,

We recommend installing Specify 7 inside of Docker. We have instructions available below:

You just need to install it on the server with your database or on the same local network, then make it so that users can access it in the web browser.

A significant advantage in addition to the performance increase is that it can be accessed in the web browser with no software to install on your computer! The installation process usually requires the IT department to get things set up at first. We also offer hosting services with the Specify Cloud if you are interested in us managing the server for you.

I tried checking the “Dockerized compositions” link earlier. Doesn’t seem to work? I get a 404 error.

Hi @Janus,

You will need to send us your GitHub username so that you can gain access to the repository.