Specify 7.7.4 Release Announcement


Release Announcement

Specify 7.7.4 introduces the ability to import Collection Relationships through the WorkBench, allowing users to import the relationship when they import their specimen data and reducing the amount of post-import work required for data migration. This release also enables the customization of the delimiter used by barcode readers. This means one can read multiple barcodes quickly, streamlining a scanning workflow. Other changes include not enforcing PickList size limits as well as several bug fixes.

Beginning with Specify 7.7.1, we have shortened our release cycle to issue minor Specify 7 updates every two weeks. These minor releases with the third digit incremented (e.g. 7.7.3 to 7.7.4), may introduce small features but usually emphasize fixed bugs. Releases with the second digit incremented (e.g. 7.6.x to 7.7.x), will include major new features and capabilities.

Specify 7.7.4 is not compatible with Specify 6.8.0; it requires databases to be at the Specify 6.8.01 level.

7.7.4 (12 October 2022)


  • Collection Relationships can now be uploaded though WorkBench Plugin (#2043) - Requested by CSIRO
  • Allow customizing the delimiter when entering the list of catalog numbers when creating a new interaction (#2190) - Requested by CSIRO


  • Having invalid query search parameters no longer prevents from running the query (#2185) - Requested by CSIRO
  • Pick List size limit is no longer enforced (#1025) - Requested by RGBE and others


  • Fix for query builder not allowing “in” filter on numeric fields (#2115)
  • Using invalid field names in checkboxes no longer breaks the form (#2194)
  • Fix Query Combo Box displaying “Add” for users that don’t have permission to create related record (#2216)
  • Fix error when adding Address of Record SubView to Borrow form (#2006) - Reported by CSIRO
  • Fixed autocomplete bugs on backspace key press (#2203) - Reported by SANBI
  • Fix permission checking for ephemeral queries with collection override (#2208)
  • Fix Specify incorrectly checking for Permissions -> List Admins -> read permission (#2019)
  • Fix PickLists to relationship fields not being displayed correctly (#2230) - Reported by Emory Herbarium
  • Fix Specify using wrong pick list when there are multiple pick lists with the same name (#2285) - Reported by Emory Herbarium, SAIAB, KU Fish and others
  • Fix for query results fetcher not detecting scroll bar (#2301)

The full changelog is available on GitHub.

For source code go to the GitHub Specify 7 repository.

For more information about Specify 7, or about this release, see [Specify 7 | Specify Collections Consortium], or email support@specifysoftware.org.