Export Data Set Upload Plan

Once mapped, every WorkBench data set has an “upload plan” that contains the mapping made between the columns in the data set and fields in Specify. This plan is stored in JSON.

The “upload plan” can be shared and reused by multiple users importing documents with the same (or similar) column headings.

If an upload plan refers to columns that do not exist in the WorkBench dataset it is applied to, the plan will just remove the mapping for those columns.

  1. Navigate to the WorkBench data set you are having trouble with

  2. Next, click on Tools in the top right which should drop down more buttons

  3. Then, click on Upload Plan

  4. With this dialog you can:

    • Export which will download a .json file of this data
    • or you can make any changes to this file and click Save

    To import an exported upload plan, you can replace the content in the “Data Mapper” dialog with the contents of the exported file and click Save.

For more information: Workbench