Sharing Workbench plans

Is it possible to share a Workbench Plan among users?

In our museum, we have a preliminary registration inventory with a minimum number of information fields, which is shared among all collections. So I was wondering if once the mapping is done with the workbench, it could be used by other users of the collections.

Thanks in advance


Hi @Jordi,


Yes, this feature was introduced in Specify 7.9.4! You can access the upload plan by pressing Tools → Upload Plan in the Workbench.


To demonstrate, I’ll just use a simple csv that contains a single column and 2 records

Catalog Number

After importing, and selecting Collection Object as the base table, I map this single field to catalogNumber and click Save from the data mapper interface as normal. Then, in grid view, by clicking Tools → Upload Plan, I get the following json, and you can export this and share it with another user, or copy it to the clipboard.

    "baseTableName": "collectionobject",
    "uploadable": {
        "uploadTable": {
            "wbcols": {
                "catalognumber": "Catalog Number"
            "static": {},
            "toOne": {},
            "toMany": {}

Now, when you go to create the next workbench dataset, you can use this upload plan through the following steps.

  1. Click Workbench in the navigation menu
  2. Either Import File or Create New (for this example I will use Import File and import the exact same file, but any other file with the same column headings would work)
  3. When the popup appears saying “No Upload Plan is Defined”, click “Close” to exit the popup.
  4. Go to Tools → Upload Plan and paste the json into the text box.
  5. Click save

You should now see that the columns are mapped as defined!