Export/Import Schema-Query

I have a very long involved query in my schema mapper. I want to use it as the basis for another mapping. When I export it, I give it a new name. When I go to import it does not give me that choice as something to import. I have not been able to find a way to rename a mapping once you have it (no right click rename option like they have in the regular query builders). What am I missing? How do I rename my newly imported mapping or how do I import the newly renamed file?

Hi @Leslie,

The schema mapping name is actually contained inside of the export file. The name of the exported schema mapping file is actually irrelevant to the importing process. I’m sorry for the confusion!

What you’ll need to do is the following:

Step 1: Open the exported schema mapping in a plain text editor. At Specify, we use Notepad++ for Windows and BBEdit for macOS. You cannot use Microsoft Word for this process since it has to be plain XML.

Step 2: Change the name value in the second line of the document.

<query  name="Discourse mapping" contextName="CollectionObject" contextTableId="1" isFavorite="true" named="true" ordinal="32767" appversion="6.8.01" smushed="false" searchSynonymy="false" selectDistinct="false" countOnly="false" formatAuditRecIds="false">

You can see now that my schema mapping name has been changed to Discourse mapping.

Step 3: Import the mapping in Specify 6!

Now that the name has bene changed inside the document, Specify 6 recognizes it as a new mapping! It now is independent from the other mappings in your list.

Let me know if I can help you further or if you have any questions.


Thank you

Another question about the schema. Your information was very helpful and I got the schema copied and I am modifying it. When I run the mapping, I am getting the message that the mapping contains duplicate record ids and then it give several suggestions. I have gotten this message before and have sometimes been able to fix it, but everything I mam trying is not working. I am running queries on the data trying to figure out what is wrong. The last time this happen it was an extraneous empty second determination in one of the records. Any ideas where else to check?

Hi Leslie,

A number of things could be causing your issue. Anywhere there might be duplication could be the cause. Preparations not being aggregated, determinations not being aggregated, collectors added individually, sometimes even a rogue added locality detail or GeoCoord details record can cause it.

The easiest way to troubleshoot this would be to remove each field individually and see which field is causing the issue.

I would recommend making another duplicate (as before) of the mapping and experimenting with that to troubleshoot.