WorkBench Schema Configuration

WorkBench Schema Configuration

It is often advantageous for users to change the field captions within Specify to match their specific form/database needs. When these captions are changed within the Specify application the changes are not reflected in the Data Set Mapping Editor. Specify captions can also be changed in the WorkBench Schema Configuration tool for captions in the Data Set Mapping Editor to match those created in the Specify Schema Configuration tool.

The WorkBench Schema Configuration tool works exactly like the (Specify) Schema Configuration tool.

Choose System > WorkBench Schema Configuration to open the tool.

Change a label in the WorkBench Schema

schema config dialog

Open WorkBench Schema Configuration

  1. Choose English from the list of Available Locales.
  2. Click the Edit a Schema button.


Change a Caption in the WorkBench Mapping Tool

  1. From the resulting screen choose the desired table from the list of Tables.
  2. Choose the field you wish to change from the list of Fields.
  3. In the Caption text box type in the name you wish to change.
  4. Click the OK button.

Note: The changes made in the WorkBench Schema Configuration will only be reflected in the Data Set Mapping Editor. Data Set column names can also be changed by opening the Data Set in form view and double clicking on the caption. For more information about changing data set coumn names please refer to WorkBench Form Editing.

@SpecifyMembership I think the “WorkBench Form Editing” link in the very last sentence does not work but intends to link to: Form Editing