Find Your Specify 7 Version

About Specify

  1. Navigate to the User Tools menu by clicking on your username in the navigation bar.

In this instance, the user is abentley.

  1. From here, click on About Specify 7.

  1. Find the Specify 7 Version: section in the about dialog.

You can see that in this instance, I am running Specify v7.7.1 in debug mode.

The database schema version, shown as DB Schema Version, is 2.9 and the Specify 6 and Database Versions are on 6.8.01.

The name of the database is freshfish and it was created on Thursday, August 9, 2012.

The name of the Institution, current Discipline, Collection, ISA Number, and system browser information are available in this menu as well!


The Git SHA is a link to the last commit to the Specify 7 GitHub project on the current branch. You can see that when I click on the Git SHA, I am linked to the following page:

This allows you to clearly see the last made change on your current branch.

This version of Specify was built last week, as indicated by the Build Date caption.