Resolve Specify 7 schema version mismatch


Specify version does not match database version

The Specify version 6.8.01 does not match the database version 6.8.02.

Some features of Specify 7 may therefore fail to operate correctly.

:bulb: First things first- please clear your browser’s cache to remove any spurious warnings.

If you are encountering an issue with a schema version mismatch in Specify 7, there are two methods of resolving this based on your installation configuration.

Docker Installaton

If you are upgrading from a previous version you will need to make the following adjustments:

:bulb: You will need access to the docker-compositions repository to view the following snippet of code. If you need access to this repository, please contact @Specify or

Once you have updated the database, you will have to update the image: attribute in the Specify 6 section of your docker-compose.yml file to select the new version of Specify 6 as well.

You will also need to connect to the database with a copy of the new version of Specify 6 to update the database to that version, or import an updated back up of the database into the MySQL/MariaDB server.

Local Installation

Navigate to your file in your Specify 7 installation directory.

This can be found in specifyweb/settings/

You will need to point the THICK_CLIENT_LOCATION to the directory containing the new version of Specify 6 that contains the correct schema version.

Ensure Specify 6 version matches

If the version specified in your Specify 7 setup does not match the database version, make sure to update your Specify database by logging in with the version that you would like the database to be updated to. This will automatically update your database version to the correct number.

If there is a schema update between Specify versions, you will need to step through each update (e.g. 6.7.04 → 6.8.00 → 6.8.01 → 6.8.02 → 6.8.03).