Finding interations associated with a preparation

I’m keen to make it easier to find interactions associated with a preparation. the use case is as follows:

  • I’ve found a Collection object / prep I’m interested in learning as much as I can about.
  • if that prep / collection object has any loans / gifts / other interactions associated with it those are almost certainly of interest to me.
    However, currently, its hard for me to know that information exists elsewhere (hard to know that a gift record for example might exist) and even if I do know it exists, then thee’s no easy 1 click way I can find of accessing that information. I need to run a query, etc.

Ask is:

  • is there a way of adding to a preparation form a summary of all interactions associated with a preparation?
  • and to make those interactions clickable? - I know we can do this bit for Loans currently with the view loans button, so ask is maybe to generalise / extend that.


@Ben. This already exists. There is a Show Interactions button that is on the preparation form that when clicked will show all loans/gifts/exchanges that are associated with that preparation. Terminology used on the button can be changed to whatever makes sense to you. A recent change means that it will show all interactions whether open or closed.

That is indeed a good solution- to the question of how we open the interactions. 1 suggestion - the docs for forms ( Form System · specify/specify7 Wiki ( currently say this button only shows Loans. (I had in fact considered this button, but had discounted it on reading that). you may want to update.

Is there a way we can add a field to the form that gives users an at a glance view of if there is a gift associated with a preparation? - e.g. equivelant of the isOnLoan?

Hi Ben,

I have updated the form system documentation to be more accurate! Thank you for sharing that feedback!

There is no equivalent for the other interactions. The isOnLoan field is one of a kind in the Preparation table. I have added a feature request for that capability in the future:

Specify 6 does currently show gifts and loans but not exchanges.