Customize Interactions Preparations dialogue


How do I edit the Preparations dialogue that appears when creating a new interaction, like a loan? We have a text field in our preparations table specifying tissue number that it would be useful to include in the dialogue.

Specify v7.9.5. Thank you,

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Usual disclaimer: I am not a member of the specify staff

Based on my interpretation of InteractionDialog.tsx this view isn’t able to be customized with a user definable text field at present (or really customized as a view overall by the user), as it is limited to the fields below from prepData.

  const showPrepSelectDlg = (prepsData: RA<PreparationRow>): void =>
      type: 'PreparationSelectState',
      entries: => ({
        catalogNumber: prepData[0],
        collectionObjectId: prepData[1],
        taxon: prepData[2],
        taxonId: prepData[3],
        preparationId: prepData[4],
        prepType: prepData[5],
        countAmount: prepData[6],
        loaned: f.parseInt(prepData[7] ?? undefined) ?? 0,
        gifted: f.parseInt(prepData[8] ?? undefined) ?? 0,
        exchanged: f.parseInt(prepData[9] ?? undefined) ?? 0,
        available: f.parseInt(prepData[10] ?? undefined) ?? 0,
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That’s a bummer, but thank you very much for looking into it, markp!