Form editing and compatibility with futur Specify versions

I’m currently modifying XML forms (mainly at the discipline and collection level) to help capture more detailed specimen information. However, I want to keep my editing as compatible as possible with futur Specify updates.
Can I or should not modify system and institutions forms such as locality and accession?

Hi Heryk,

You should feel free to edit the form definitions for locality and accession, the form definitions are meant to be user definable, and as far as I am aware there hasn’t been updates to the default xml forms in many years. Any xml that you create would just overwide any defaults present. The defaults can be found at:

The different views and tables are spread out within different folders, but you could always go back to the default if you make a change to the xml that you don’t like. Another approach is to use something like git to version control the xml before pasting it in, so that you can always go back to previous versions if something is less than ideal.

There may be some really niche forms in which it is just much easier to leave the defaults, but I would not consider locality or accession to be within that group.

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Thank you so much Mark! :slight_smile: :+1: