Geography tree at institution level


We would like to have the Geography tree scoped at the institution level. For us having it at the discipline level is not needed, and actually creates more work, because edits to the tree have to be repeated for all disciplines.

How can I change the scope to institution? Does it have to do with the field IsSingleGepgraphyTree in the institution table (set to 0 now)?


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Hi @sorosoro,

At this time, you cannot configure the ‘scope’ of the Geography tree so that it will be shared with all disciplines in the database. Changes must be done in each discipline.

We have a feature request open to change this, and I have added your request to the list of others seeking to do the same:

The IsSingleGeographyTree value does not affect Specify 7’s behavior, therefore it will not modify the behavior at this time.

Thank you for your inquiry!

Good to know there is a feature request open for this.

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