Inconsistencies in the Taxon tree concerning the number of collection records associated with synonymized and preferred terms

We have been working with Specify for a short time, and both @mprimanz, assistant curator of the Invertebrate zoology collection, and myself would like to know the point of view of curators and collection managers on the logic of the number that accompanies each level of the taxon, and how do you use them.

In our opinion, the number that accompanies the taxon should match the search results for that term, when you use the magnifying glass.

In the following example, we have:

When a search is executed from the tree for the synonymized penchinati usign the magnified glass query button, the result show three records (collection Object) with this determination associated. This is indeed the case, but the numbers are not shown in the tree. A 0 appears in the taxon tree.

These three records are attributed in the tree to the preferred name penchinati (horizontal arrow), not introduced as a determination in any Collection Object, as is shown when a search is executed:

Therefore, it would be logical for the number shown next to the taxon to match the search results using the magnifying glass. So, in the example given, the query results should be reversed from how they currently work.

Perhaps we are missing something, and you can explain it to us.

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, we have identified this as a bug and it will be fixed in a future release. The numbering system seems to be messed up by synonymy but ideally should indicate the number of collection objects linked to each node in the tree.


Thanks Andy for your quick response.


Here’s the link to the GitHub issue tracking this: