Records missing from Taxon Tree 'counts'

I am just getting to know the Taxon Tree in S7, so any insights, tips/tricks/hacks are welcome!

I am finding many instances of records not being included in the Taxon Tree ‘count’. So I see a count of ‘zero’, but get blocked when trying to delete, says it is connected to a det. Independent query can find the record, but none of the links out of the Tree interface connect or find it. Is this a setting? Is the ‘count’ only counting ‘current’ dets???

eg. Arabis arenicola subsp. arenicola.

Try to delete:

and if I click either of the taxon names in that window, it opens the Determination window, but I can’t identify the record it is affiliated to (and has scary option to ‘delete’)

The link out (red circle) just opens the det. in a new tab, and a tree query on the taxon says ‘0’ results…

Hi @HeatherC,

The count in the tree shows the number of records currently determined to that taxon node.

The auto-generated query has a field in it that finds all Determination records where Current is True or Empty. You can change this to “Any” and you will see the desired results returned!

Those determinations exist, they just are not the current determination for the specimen associated with them.

Thanks! I guess I didn’t have to do all those screenshots! I see how to edit the specific query that gets opened, but is there a way for the Tree to display counts for all determinations (not just current), or configure the auto-query to automatically search ALL dets?

Currently there is not a way to configure this behavior.

I have created a feature request for that ability on GitHub:

Since this is implicitly related, I thought I would add here, instead of starting a new thread.

I am spending some time ‘pruning’ our taxon tree. Often that means I am using the query function to review records connected to a node. When I do this, I want to see ‘all’ of them, not just those with current dets. Is there a way that I can configure my default preferences for this taxon query to be ‘any’ instead of ‘True or Empty’?

It isn’t too bad to edit the query each time, BUT once I have edited the query, I ALSO get the ‘Leave warning’ (which I often appreciate, but not when I have to click ‘leave’ for every query I am doing, cause I have to edit every query). Having to do the extra clicks to get the info I want AND to close the page starts adding up.


ps. Am really glad to be in S7, Specify is great, and the support here makes it even better!

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Hi @HeatherC,

I’ve added your most recent comments to the aforementioned GitHub issue!

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Hi @Specify ,
I just want to second this request.
As of now, the auto-generated query is confusing for regular users too - e.g. we received a complaint about missing objects from queries in the Storage tree.
It would be real good, if we could configure the default query associated with a tree node.

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