Latitude/Longitude Converter Tool

Latitude/Longitude Converter Tool

The Latitude/Longitude Converter tool converts numerous georeference formats within the Latitude 1 and Longitude 1 columns of a Data Set into decimal degrees (DD.DDDD), degrees decimal minutes (DD MM.MM) or degrees minutes seconds (DD MM SS.SS). Original values will be replaced with the new converted values. To keep the original format the Data Set must include the Lat1Text and Long1Text columns.


  1. The tool is only available in Grid view.
  2. The button, Lat/Long button, is only enabled when the active Data Set includes the Latitude 1 and Longitude 1 columns.
  3. To keep the original formats in the Latitude 1 and Longitude 1 fields the Data Set must also include Lat1Text and Long1Text columns.

Note: The Lat1Text and Long1Text Columns can only fill once, if a second conversion is performed the new geo-coordinates will replace the original values in Latitude 1 and Longitude 1.


Convert Geocoordinates:

Select the desired cells in either the Latitude 1 or Longitude 1 column (or both).

Click the LatitudeLongitudeConverter16x16 (Lat/Long Converter) button and choose the appropriate format.

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