Special Tools in the WorkBench

Special Tools

When editing a Data Set in the Grid view, several special tools are available in the work space Item Bar. These tools require geographical data from specific columns within a Data Set. The following list provides a description of each tool and its required column headings.






Google earth

Google Earth

Generates a Google Earth KML file from the row data and loads it into Google Earth. The rows display as 'push pins' which are identified by their row number. Clicking on the push pin displays the row information as a pop-up window.

Latitude 1

Longitude 1



The WorkBench uses this web service to calculate the latitude and longitude positions from a textual locality description and three geography fields. The WorkBench processes all the selected rows and caches the information, and then the results can be stepped through one row at a time and the appropriate Latitude / Longitude can be selected, or skipped.

Note: The WorkBench is not responsible for any of the results returned by BioGeomancer. The WorkBench is integrated with the BioGeomancer service.








Latitude/Longitude Converter

The Latitude/Longitude Converter tool converts numerous georeference formats within the Latitude1 and Longitude1 columns of a Data Set into decimal degrees (DD.DDDD), degrees decimal minutes (DD MM.MM) or degrees minutes seconds (DD MM SS.SS). Original values will be replaced with the new converted values. In order to keep the original format the Data Set must include the Lat1Text and Long1Text columns.

Latitude 1

Longitude 1

(Lat1Text and Long1Text to keep original Lat/Long formats.)